How We Work

We use the most evidence-based effective treatments in a flexible and individually tailored approach. We select from particular training, skills and specialities to provide the most suited profession and person for each client. If more than one approach is going to be most useful, we have the flexibility to provide a fully integrated package of care by utilising:

  • - Psychology and CBT
  • - Psychiatry and medical review
  • - Occupational Therapy
  • - Couples and family work

How we provide this depends on what works best

Face to face

  • - Sessions are 50 minutes.
  • - Can be weekly, fortnightly or any other time frame that works best.
  • - We encourage people to record their sessions either by MP3, Dictaphone or notepad and pen – we cover a lot and therapy can move quickly so we want you to capture it and keep it.

Skype and video conferencing

  • - We utilise Skype, FaceTime and the telephone for remote sessions.
  • - We assess suitability for this approach and can offer it either as a compliment to face to face sessions or as a course of treatment itself.


  • - Some approaches are proven to work best in a group setting.
  • - We do courses of mindfulness in small groups.
  • - These run at certain times of the year, please contact us to book yourself onto the next available one.

Contact Us

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  • Opening Hours

    Monday - Saturday

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themindworks Clinics

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