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We pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide and being approachable. We thought it would be helpful to asked some of our current and former clients to provide testimonials of their experiences with us. All the testimonials below are from real people (we promise!) but we have changed their details in order to protect confidentiality.

"I booked to see Kate at a time when I was feeling low following the end of a long relationship, and needed a helping hand out of the funk I found myself in. After only a few sessions I started feeling better, and that really was down to Kate. She helped me discover myself, what can trigger variances in my mood, my reactions to people/situations, and how to manage all of this. After 5 months of counselling, I felt equipped to venture off into the world alone. Kate is clever, perceptive, empathetic and completely non-judgemental; a combination which puts you at ease and able to work towards your goals. I would recommend her to anyone, and would certainly go back to see her should I need help in the future."

"Saved my life Saved my marriage! From when I first met 3 years ago I now have a: Baby The promotion I was banging on about I am no longer beholden to drink and other stuff I’m better able to deal with stress of work I'm more confident with who I am.....and trust my judgement better in my desire to change and what I should change into. I am closer to being who I want to be...not materially but trying to be more honest, a better husband and son and brother and dad. None of this would have been possible without Kate's attentiveness, generosity, quiet insight and, fundamentally, care, which stays with you. "

"We came to see Emma in a state of total desperation. Anyone who has a family member who suffers from OCD will understand the feeling of helplessness and profound anguish We felt that we had nowhere to turn. Coming to see Emma all of that changed. Our daughter (14 years old) started to be able to live again and as a result so did we. The astonishing thing was how quickly things started to change. Every week we could see tangible improvements and even if there were, and sometimes still are, tough times we have a sense of hope that we had all lost. Emma was, and still is, when needed, always present with patience and incredible support, she feels like a rock that our daughter can hang onto whenever she needs it. The course of CBT that our daughter completed within the 10 sessions was sufficient to address her OCD and today seeing Emma for top-up sessions feels like the icing on the cake for her to be able to truly live OCD free. If someone had asked us when we started if this would have been possible, I honestly would have said no and yet today I see the results every day: our daughter goes to school, washes her hand normally, travels wherever we want to go etc. I truly believe she will be able to leave home and attend university, something I never thought we could even contemplate. Every day I feel so grateful to have been referred to Emma and to have been given the key to freedom for our daughter. "

"I was referred to Dr O'Connor following a formal diagnosis of OCD from Dr David Veale. I had suffered from the condition since childhood and it manifested itself in the form of extremely distressing images and thoughts of harming people. From the first session with Dr O'Connor I felt at ease and able, thanks to her friendly professional approach, to be able to talk openly about images which had caused me a great deal of anguish and shame. The phrase expert is used all too commonly these days to describe anyone with a working knowledge of their field. I can say without fear of exaggeration that Dr O'Connor is an expert in the true sense of the word. Her understanding of my condition was second to none. She explained clearly at the outset the goals of treatment and the techniques we would utilise to for fill those goals. Dr O'Connor led me to a full understanding of how OCD affected me, and taught me how to spot the signs of OCD behaviour in myself. She set realistic, achievable goals to help me overcome the hold my condition had over me. She created an environment in which I felt as comfortable as possible in discussing extremely distressing issues and she was empathetic and professional at all times. If any of my loved ones were unfortunate enough to suffer from mental illness I would, without a moment hesitation, recommend Dr O'Connor Since my treatment I have been able to get control of my OCD, come off the antidepressants I previously felt I relied upon and feel as good as I ever have in my life."

"I had a series of sessions at Mindworks and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. After going through an incredibly difficult time in my life involving considerable upheaval and emotional turmoil, I found the support and guidance of my therapist/Dr. Rumina a massive source of comfort and essential in my recovery process. I had experienced depression in the past and had seen previous therapists but none so effective as Mindworks. The empathy and collaborative thinking provided by my therapist/Dr. Rumina helped me to achieve the clarity and perspective I needed to get me back on track. Through a combination of Mindworks therapy and low dosage medication, the difference in my mental well being and attitude to life has shifted from suicidal despair to positive, healthy and happy. I know that life is never smooth and there will always be bumps in the road, but Mindworks has given me the tools to deal with them on my own and I know that I can always go back for additional help to guide me through those difficult times whenever I need it."

feedback"I had suffered with depression for half my life having first been diagnosed as a teenager. Since then I had been referred for several courses of cognitive behavioural therapy, which, whilst providing reminders to do basic things that had been difficult to muster the energy for, ultimately left me unchanged when the sessions were completed. I didn't feel any different. I desperately needed to understand why I was depressed so that I might have a hope of being able to deal with it in future."

"Such was my state of mind when I began sessions with Annemarie that I had no expectations or idea what I wanted to get out of treatment. I had given up. Very quickly I was made to feel comfortable and at ease speaking with her to the extent where I began to talk openly about things I had never discussed with anyone before. Annemarie is intelligent, kind, compassionate and very perceptive. She was able to assist me in gaining the understanding that I craved through her knowledge and ability to notice things about me that I had never considered. She communicates with great understanding and clarity. In short, she 'gets it'."


"Unlike previous courses of therapy, the things I have learnt with Annemarie stayed with me and continue to be useful. My life has changed significantly for the better. Seeing a genuinely talented professional can make such a difference. Annemarie is a brilliant one and I would urge anyone contemplating whether therapy would be worth while not to hesitate in arranging to see her."

"Having had on/off experiences with anxiety for a number of years and latterly developing a form of OCD, I was distressed about my condition, struggling to work, and convinced that I faced a miserable future. After suffering for some time and having consulted a number of therapists and doctors with little effect, I was sceptical whether my eventual referral to a course of CBT with Dr Callaghan would have any impact. I was wrong. The CBT program helped me to examine my thinking and beliefs about myself and my life. Throughout, I was guided towards challenging some of that thinking and made aware that I had the power to control and improve my condition. The therapy approach was evidence based and impactful; Dr Callaghan was intelligent, understanding, but firm. I was especially impressed by how quickly she built a rapport, how swiftly she understood and engaged with the particular features of my condition, and how willing she was to be flexible in treatment - including conducting our initial session over Skype.The results have been impressive. Having been deeply miserable I soon found myself challenging negative thinking, taking more risks, and accepting more challenges. My suffering has not just improved or lessened; it has been alleviated for some time now and my life is substantially better for it."

"In 2013 and last year I went through a very difficult period in my life, my marriage broke down and during that time I had very unpleasant experiences which made my life a roller coaster, therefore, I was having problems coping with the loss, controlling my moods and I was having panic attacks on a daily basis.

Finally, in August 2014 I've decided to seek help, I first visited Dr Jonathan Ornstein; he prescribed me some medication and also suggested me to go to therapy with Dr Jessica Richardson from "the mind works". She introduced me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness; she combined both during 12 sessions, teaching me techniques on how to control my thoughts so I can improve my mood swings and helped me recognized where feelings of fear, anxiety and guilt were coming from. Medication wasn't needed.

I'm nothing but grateful to Jessica as the work she has done with me has helped to improve my life in every way, she has helped me to recover my confidence and gave me all the mechanism to manage in case I find myself in a situation that is emotionally demanding. Overall, relationships between me and other people are better, but most importantly, the relationship with myself has improved significantly as I feel more stable emotionally, happier and more capable to handle circumstances that before wouldn't have been able to deal with."

"I owe a hell of a lot to Dr.Annemarie O'Connor who taught me a lot of new skills in overcoming my health anxiety. She is very skilled in what she does and is funny, personable, highly motivated, driven and above all she is a very caring individual. I really owe her a hell of a lot and the therapy she taught me has changed my life!"

"Having suffered from OCD from a very young age, and after years of trying different treatments with varying levels of success, I came to Annemarie during a particularly unpleasant episode. I felt as if I was constantly under attack from repellent mental obsessions, and spent huge amounts of my time ruminating to try to get rid of them. Writing this now, I can barely relate to how miserable I felt when I first saw Annemarie. She taught me how to see my obsessions for what they were and to overcome them. Seeing Annemarie was the best possible thing I could have done, and my life is immeasurably better now. Getting to grips with OCD is not easy and requires lots of hard work, but I don't think there can be many people better qualified than Annemarie to guide you through the process and hold your hand as you face up to the disorder."

"I completed a 10-session course of cognitive behavioral therapy at the mindworks just over a year ago. It has had a profound and lasting positive impact on my quality of life. My experience with the mindworks was excellent from start to finish and I worked with a brilliant and effective therapist."

"I’m very grateful to Kate for all her work with me. She helped me to understand the root of my chronic anxiety (dysfunctional family dynamics) and helped me tochallenge my way of thinking. We did numerous exercises which helped to unlock what I was thinking and feeling and I still refer to them now, several months after our work has finished. "

"I highly recommend Kate to anyone who is considering CBT. She was great! "

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